• Children’s well-being is linked to their physical safety as well as their psychological and emotional state.
  • NPAIC has a dedicated Child Well-Being Department to deal confidentially with the personal issues and concerns of individual children, and to councel students.
  • NPAIC also conducts regular trainings for staff, in order to ensure that they are well aware of all aspects of children’s safety.
    The latest safety policy documents of NPAIC are available below, with some key highlights.

General Safety

 There is extensive CCTV coverage throughout all campuses.

 Every entrance and exit of NPAIC campus is manned by a full-time security guard.

 NPAIC has an organised, systematic emergency operations plan in place to reduce risks and to prevent,prepare for,respond to, and recover, in the unlikely event of a crisis situation.

Fire Safety

 NPAIC campus is fully equipped with fire safety equipment.

 NPAIC campus go through regular, comprehensive fire safety drills.

Electrical and Infrastructural Safety

 A number of rules and guidelines are stated and strictly enforced to ensure all electrical equipment and physical

infrastructure is safe at all times.

Safety and Security Monthly Meetings at NPAIC Campuses

Keeping schools safe allows children to flourish academically, physically and emotionally. To promote safety, campus

has its own 'Safety and Security Committee, headed by the principal and having one member each

to look after transport, fire, electrical, cyber and environmental safety standards. These committees meet every quarter and discuss related issues.