1.The number of school rickshaws, vans and buses is limited and guardians are, therefore, requested to make their own conveyance arrangements as far as possible.
2. School rickshaw, van and bus facility, if availed by guardians, will be for the entire session (12 months) i.e. from July 2019 to June 2020. In exceptional cases, a guardian may discontinue it by giving one month’s notice or one month’s
transport fee. Transport fee will not be refunded but it can be adjusted in other fee that’s unpaid.
3. In case the school rickshaw, van or bus does not reach on time due to mechanical breakdown or due to the illness of the puller/driver, guardians are requested to make their own alternative arrangements. However, the school tries its best to provide satisfactory transport service.
4. One way rickshaw, van or bus service is not allowed. However if a child wants to avail one way service, he/she will have to pay full (both ways) applicable transportation fee.
5. In case of road construction or long term diversions the actual distance travelled by the van/bus will be charged.
6. Children in a given van will have to stay in school till all other children on their van route have finished school.
7. If any newly admitted child wants to avail school transport, he/she must pay his/her bus/van/rickshaw fees from the
same month.