General Rules

1.Students of all classes should attend prayer meetings in the morning. Students coming late may not be allowed to enter the class without the Principalā€™s permission.
2. Parents or attendants are not allowed to enter any classroom. No servant is permitted on the school premises until the school gets over.
3. No child should be absent without a prior written leave application. In case of contagious illness, the child is not allowed to attend school without a fitness certificate from an authorised medical practitioner.
4. No jewellery is to be worn (except a wrist-watch) and no makeupofanykind is tobeused.Nails are tobekept trimmed.
5. Application of Mehndi is not permitted.
6. The school does not accept responsibility for loss of books, money, clothes and other items belonging to the student.
Each child is responsible for his/her own belongings.
7. Any damage to the school property or premises by a student is to be replaced/borne by him/her. Students should keep their bicycles at the school bicycle-stand, properly locked. School authorities will not be held responsible for any loss of unlocked bicycles kept in the bicycle-stand.
8. Every child is expected to abide by the values and standards set by the school.
9. It is compulsory for students to participate in school functions, sports, cultural and literary activities. For at least one function per year, the child will have to get a dress or a costume made, as per requirement.
10. No child is allowed to bring a mobile phone to school.
11. As per govt. rules students who come by a two wheeler should have a valid driving license and wear helmet while driving, without which they will not be allowed to enter the school campus.
12. If any child comes to school by bicycle or a two-wheeler or gearless scooter (with a valid driving licence) parents must submit a written application and deposit the required bicycle/two wheeler stand fees.
13. Parents cooperation is solicited in maintaining punctuality, regularity and discipline in all school functions.
14. Tiffin water bottle should be given to the student to bring. It should not be sent later.